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Released:,,,30,,,August,,,2012,,,Darquesse,,,,,still,,,,wearing,,,,the,,,,clothes,,,,of,,,,a,,,,Bride,,,,of,,,,Blood,,,,Tears,,,,,ignites,,,,,and,,,,her,,,,clothes,,,,burn,,,,and,,,,her,,,,Necromancer,,,,ring,,,,is,,,,destroyedBut,,it's,,not,,a,,war,,between,,good,,and,,evil,,,or,,light,,and,,dark-,,it's,,a,,war,,between,,SanctuariesThey,,,,are,,,,able,,,,to,,,,subdue,,,,their,,,,enemiesShe,,,tells,,,Skulduggery,,,that,,,she,,,deserves,,,this,,,for,,,what,,,she,,,did,,,to,,,his,,,family,,,,but,,,Skulduggery,,,forgives,,,her,,,,because,,,he,,,knows,,,that,,,he,,,has,,,done,,,terrible,,,things,,,himself^,,"Trick,,Or,,Treat"Trigger,,Warning,,includes,,previously,,published,,pieces,,of,,short,,fiction--stories,,,verse,,,and,,a,,very,,special,,Doctor,,Who,,story,,that,,was,,written,,for,,the,,fiftieth,,anniversary,,of,,the,,beloved,,series,,in,,2013--as,,well,,as,,"Black,,Dog",,,a,,new,,tale,,that,,revisits,,the,,world,,of,,American,,Gods,,,exclusive,,to,,this,,collectionThe,,,,Supreme,,,,Council,,,,recruit,,,,General,,,,Mantis,,,,-,,,,one,,,,of,,,,the,,,,best,,,,generals,,,,of,,,,all,,,,time,,,,,who,,,,was,,,,a,,,,'secret,,,,weapon',,,,against,,,,Mevolent,,,,and,,,,send,,,,him,,,,along,,,,of,,,,80,,,,other,,,,sorcerers,,,,on,,,,the,,,,Hotel,,,,and,,,,into,,,,IrelandBut,,,when,,,the,,,horrific,,,truth,,,behind,,,the,,,passage,,,is,,,revealed,,,,Valkyrie,,,and,,,Skulduggery,,,are,,,caught,,,up,,,in,,,a,,,hectic,,,race,,,against,,,time,,,to,,,save,,,half,,,of,,,the,,,world's,,,population,,,from,,,an,,,untimely,,,death,,,,a,,,race,,,that,,,will,,,have,,,both,,,Skulduggery,,,and,,,Valkyrie,,,facing,,,their,,,inner,,,demonsMadame,,,Mist,,,appears,,,to,,,have,,,set,,,up,,,a,,,shield,,,around,,,RoarhavenChina,,,,Sorrows,,,,,after,,,,months,,,,of,,,,being,,,,on,,,,the,,,,run,,,,,goes,,,,to,,,,the,,,,Church,,,,of,,,,the,,,,Faceless,,,,to,,,,confront,,,,Eliza,,,,ScornSkulduggery,,,,and,,,,Valkyrie,,,,go,,,,to,,,,the,,,,Repository,,,,to,,,,find,,,,the,,,,amethyst,,,,crystal,,,,that,,,,China,,,,mentionedBecause,,,if,,,she,,,loses,,,,Darquesse,,,will,,,rise,,,,the,,,world,,,will,,,burn,,,,and,,,everyone,,,she,,,knows,,,and,,,loves,,,will,,,perishAll,,,of,,,this,,,poses,,,a,,,credible,,,challenge,,,to,,,Skulduggery,,,and,,,ValkyrieKenny,,,,and,,,,his,,,,friend,,,,,Patrick,,,,Slattery,,,,,were,,,,present,,,,during,,,,the,,,,battle,,,,and,,,,Slattery,,,,is,,,,killedChina,,shatters,,Mist's,,arm,,,but,,a,,torrent,,of,,spiders,,are,,unleashed,,on,,China,,and,,they,,begin,,to,,crawl,,down,,her,,throatBroin,,,,reveals,,,,that,,,,the,,,,Warlock,,,,was,,,,trying,,,,to,,,,convice,,,,her,,,,and,,,,her,,,,sisters,,,,to,,,,join,,,,with,,,,the,,,,Warlock's,,,,leader,,,,,Charivari,,,,to,,,,go,,,,to,,,,warAccolades[edit]Valkyrie,,,then,,,leaves,,,her,,,family,,,,breaking,,,through,,,the,,,window,,,before,,,her,,,parents,,,can,,,see,,,her,,,face.Main,,article:,,Skulduggery,,Pleasant,,(novel)They,,,then,,,realize,,,they,,,are,,,at,,,warAs,,,,a,,,,string,,,,of,,,,murders,,,,whittles,,,,down,,,,the,,,,number,,,,of,,,,teleporters,,,,in,,,,the,,,,world,,,,at,,,,an,,,,alarming,,,,rate,,,,,it,,,,is,,,,quickly,,,,linked,,,,to,,,,a,,,,fanatical,,,,cult,,,,named,,,,the,,,,Diablerie,,,,,who,,,,worship,,,,horrific,,,,Dark,,,,gods,,,,known,,,,as,,,,the,,,,Faceless,,,,Ones,,,,,as,,,,they,,,,attempt,,,,to,,,,open,,,,a,,,,portal,,,,with,,,,the,,,,goal,,,,of,,,,returning,,,,the,,,,Faceless,,,,Ones,,,,to,,,,the,,,,world 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